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Helpful Guides To Choose The Perfect Yoga Product


Yoga Blanket Purchasing Guide

Yoga Blankets made from cotton, wool or a recycled blend (acrylic, polyester and cotton), come in a variety of shapes, sizes, thickness, patterns and colors. They are the most useful tools at a yogi's disposal. Roll it up into a bolster for restorative yoga poses or feel the warmth during savasana. Use it as a pillow in meditation, or even use it as a blanket.
The versatility of a yoga blanket is endless. We will go over a few key features and things to think about when purchasing your yoga blanket, from material, style, length and care.


Yoga Bolsters Purchasing Guide

Every practice can be enhanced by chossing the correct yoga bolster.
Yoga boolsters have a myriad of uses, from Viparita, Karani and Savasana to opening the chest for breathing exercises. Whether practicing prenatal yoga, restorative, or anything that requires additional support, yoga bolsters can provide just what you need to make your practice more fulfilling.
Whether your goal is to, bring certain poses within reach, adapt your practice to physical limitations, or simply relax and get a good stretch, there is a bolster for you.
When shopping for a yoga bolster, the most important thing to think about is how you'll be using it. What style yoga use practice and what your yoga teacher or instructor prefers you to use.


How To Choose A Yoga Block

The uses of Yoga Blocks have become so popular and so varied that one can't possibly cover the use on all of them. But we will give a good starting point.
Yoga blocks are most often used as an extension of one's hands, but are also used to support the back, head and hips, and to deepen awareness of alignment
Blocks help us maintain anatomical integrity in poses. Placing your hand on a block in standing poses such as Triangle or Side Angle can make the difference between a pose that feels uncomfortable, or a pose that feels natural.
The practice of Yoga is about steadying the mind and body. Yoga Blocks, are one of the best yoga props to help us realize the most important aim of practice.
Using blocks can help us maintain integrity, alignment and strength through our joints and are essential tools for Restorative Yoga practice, like Baddhakonasana, and Supta.


Yoga Mat Purchasing Guide

Shopping for your first?yoga mat?or even just replacing an old one was a lot easier ten years ago, but today we have more than one option and more than one style of yoga.
Today the experience can be an overwhelming. Your choices are the various materials, sizes, and thicknesses.
Our basic information will cover each of these aspects and more, and should make the decision process a little bit simpler.
As you read this, be mindful of the style of yoga you practice. The yoga mat you choose should reflect that experience.
If you're new to yoga you should be looking more at basic, entry-level mats. If your changing or moving on to a new form of yoga, your yoga mat will need to change too.