Wholesale pricing is available to everyone, it is not necessary to create an account or login to an account to purchase at wholesale pricing.

The Yoga Warehouse carries a full line of high quality yoga props and accessories including yoga mats, yoga sets, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets available with wholesale pricing.

Products that are offered the option of wholesale pricing, will have the tab "Wholesale Pricing” on the products detail page, just select the tab and view the wholesale pricing available for that product.

With up to 20 colors available, mix and matching colors in not a problem. Just pick any color or colors you want on the product color option and our up to date in-stock and automatic cart system will adjust the pricing to the wholesale quantity discount of the product selected. If you have any questions on products color options, wholesale or need a little help, just give us a call (866) 955-YOGA (9642), Melodie and Lauran are always here to help.

First Time Orders:

When placing an order with The Yoga Warehouse for the first time or purchasing one of our newer products, the best practice is to purchase one item first and verify that this item is the right size or color for your organization or your studio; it is always easier and cheaper to return one item then twelve.

All discounts including discount shipping charges available on all wholesale orders.

We accept Purchase Orders and extend credit terms to qualified organizations.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee, we back our products with a 30-day money back guarantee -- no questions asked.

Listed below are just a few of the everyday items available with wholesale pricing.

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Kakaos Cotton Eye Pillow
Price: $7.95
Silk Eye Pillow Solid Color
Price: $7.95
Silk Eye Pillow Scented Solid Color
1 of 13
Price: $7.95
Kakaos Yoga Mat Strap
Price: $6.95
Kakaos Pure Jute Yoga Mat
Price: $29.95
Kakaos Studio Round Yoga Bolster
Price: $36.98
Kakaos Studio Round Yoga Bolsters
Price: $46.98
Kakaos Studio Rectangular Bolster
Price: $36.98
Kakaos TPE Eco Conscious Yoga Mat 5mm
Price: $32.95
Kakaos Studio 4 Inch Yoga Block
Price: $7.98
Kakaos 6mm Yoga Mat
Price: $14.95
Kakaos 8mm Premium Performance Yoga Mat
Price: $22.95
Kakaos 8' Metal D Ring Strap
List Price: $9.98
Price: $4.58
Vermont Oganic Soap 16oz Yoga Mat Wash
Price: $9.98
Kakaos Studio Supportive Rectangular Bolster
List Price: $49.98
Price: $35.98
Kakaos Studio Supportive Rectangular Bolsters
List Price: $49.98
Price: $46.98
Kakaos Studio 3 Inch Yoga Block
Price: $5.98
Kakaos Studio Supportive Round Bolster
List Price: $46.98
Price: $35.98
Kakaos 3mm Yoga Mats
Price: $11.95
Kakaos 6' Metal D Ring Strap
Price: $4.28
Vermont Oganic Soap 4oz Yoga Mat Wash
Price: $8.25
Kakaos Traditional Yoga Blanket
List Price: $19.98
Price: $13.98
Kakaos Extra Firm Striped Yoga Block 4 inch
Price: $8.98
Kakaos Small Supportive Rectangular Bolster
Price: $25.98
Kakaos Small Supportive Round Bolster
Price: $25.98
Kakaos 10' Metal D Ring Strap
Price: $4.78
Kakaos 6' Side Release Strap
Price: $5.28
Kakaos 4 Inch Cork Yoga Block
Price: $16.98
Kakaos Mini Round Bolster
Price: $14.95
Kakaos Solid Color Yoga Blankets
Price: $18.98
Kakaos Cotton Yoga Blanket
Price: $32.95
Kakaos 3 inch Cork Yoga Block
Price: $14.98
Kakaos Traditional Yoga Blanket No Tassels
Price: $13.98
Kakaos 3in Bamboo Yoga Block
Price: $14.95
Kakaos Mini Rectangular Bolster
Price: $15.95
Kakaos Deluxe Studio Cotton Yoga Blanket
Price: $39.95
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