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Kakaos Studio Round Yoga Bolster
Price: $36.98
Kakaos Studio Rectangular Bolster
Price: $36.98
Kakaos Studio Supportive Rectangular Bolster
List Price: $49.98
Price: $35.98
Kakaos Studio Supportive Round Bolster
List Price: $46.98
Price: $35.98
Kakaos Small Supportive Rectangular Bolster
Price: $25.98
Kakaos Small Supportive Round Bolster
Price: $25.98
Kakaos Mini Round Bolster
Price: $14.95
Kakaos Studio Ultra Supportive Round Bolster
List Price: $54.98
Price: $38.98
Kakaos Mini Rectangular Bolster
Price: $14.95
Kakaos Pranayama Bolster
Price: $22.95
Gaiam Rectangular Yoga Bolster
Price: $48.98
Kakaos Silk Neck Pillow Buckwheat
Price: $12.95
Kakaos Silk Neck Pillow Buckwheat Scented
Price: $12.95
Gaiam Round Yoga Bolster
Price: $62.98
Manduka enlight Round Bolster
Price: $78.95
Hugger Mugger Pranayama Bolster
Price: $47.95
Manduka Lean Bolster
Price: $56.95
Studio Round Bolster Cover
Price: $14.95
Studio Rectangular Bolster Covers
Price: $9.95

Yoga Bolsters


Using a yoga bolster in a supported back bend allows the user to open the front of their bodies and stretch, this allows your body to realign after a long day at work with simple, rejuvenating stretches that will have most positive impact on your body.

Yoga bolsters come in array of varying sizes and shapes and are available filled with traditional cotton, buckwheat or foam.

We recommend the Pranayama bolster during pranayama breathing exercises to fully open the chest.

Bolsters or yoga pillows come in all shapes and sizes and are very simple to choose depending on the style yoga or meditation you perform, but if you are not sure of the yoga bolster you need, consult your yoga or meditation teacher or instructor before placing your order.


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