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Yoga Bolster Care Instructions

Learning the right way to clean and care for your yoga bolster will help prolong the life and will help keep you yoga bolster in tip top shape.


The first cleaning or washing should be done in cold water with like colors, and line dried or if a dryer is used, please use low heat.

Most covers are made from 90% to 100% cotton and will shrink with their first washing, but as you may have noticed we have made them a touch bigger then the inner bolster, this is to make sure they still fit when they have been cleaned.


Open zipper, press down to compress bolster or bend bolster if possible, starting from the non-zipper side, remove cover as you press down, slide non-zipper side over bolster and remove.


Remove cotton cover, wash in cold water only, and towel dry or hang dry only, as you do not want the cover to shrink, if by any chance the cover does shrink, remove some cotton stuffing until cover fits.



Always begin to install bolster cover from the ZIPPER SIDE, this will help you to not damage the zipper,

Insert inner bolster into zipper side cover, press down on inner bolster or bend bolster over and slide NON-ZIPPER HEAD SIDE bolster cover over top, reposition inner bolster until correctly positioned and close zipper helping by pulling the sides into position as you close zipper.

Bolster may need to be reshaped, reshape by kneading or by squeezing bolster


Our American made Bolsters are made from 100% American materials, what this means to you or your customer is the fabric will not color bleed or transfer the dye used to dye the fabrics, some bolsters made overseas will bleed or transfer their dyes to your hand or clothing if wet by perspiration or water.


if you need any assistants with reinstalling the cover please give us a call

Toll Free (866) 955-YOGA

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