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Your practice can always be enhanced by the correct yoga bolster. Purchasing your yoga bolster can be the most important thing to think about.

Yoga bolsters are an essential prop to use when practicing restorative postures, spinal stretches, and deep meditative breathing. Our yoga bolsters are made firm enough to provide full support, but soft enough to rest on

With the correct bolster your practice can intensify, making certain or difficult poses more attainable.

Whether your goal is to bring your practice to the next level, bring those hard poses within reach, or simply relax and get a good stretch, we have a bolster for you.


Round Yoga Bolsters...


Supportive Round Yoga Bolsters Studio Classic Rectangular Yoga Bolsters Small Supportive Round Yoga Bolster


Deluxe / Ultra Round Yoga Bolsters Serenity Collection, Round Yoga Bolsters Summer Flowers Collection, Round Yoga Bolsters



Rectangular Yoga Bolsters...


Supportive Rectangular Yoga Bolsters Studio Classic Recatular Yoga Bolsters Small Rectangular Yoga Bolsters


Ultra/Deluxe Rectangular Yoga Bolsters Serenity Collection, Rectangular Yoga Bolsters Summer Flowers Collection, Rectangular Yoga Bolsters



Pranayama Bolsters & Zen Pillows...

Pranayama Yoga Bolsters Zen pillows Mini Rectangular Pillow/Bolsters


Here is a helpful guide to find the perfect bolster for your practice. Click Here