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Knowing the quality of the yoga blankets before you buy is the first step in choosing the proper yoga blanket for your needs, heavier and larger blankets lend more support when used as a bolster or meditation cushion. A smaller weight or lighter blankets works better for a warp, yoga mat cushion or when two are used a bolster. When buying a yoga blanket a good rule of thumb to follow is weight compared to size, the heavier the blanket the tighter the weave, the less weight the looser the weave. If you are not sure about the blanket you need give us a call. More on Yoga Blankets

Studio Classic Yoga Blankets Solid Color Studio Yoga Blankets
Standard Yoga Blanket Solid Color Yoga Blankets
Blanket Is 2.5 Pounds Size 77" x 52" Blanket Is 3.0 Pounds Size 77" x 54"
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Thunder Bird Yoga Blanket

Studio Classic Plus Yoga Blanket
Thunder bird yoga blanket This blanket is exclusive to The Yoga Warehouse and is not available at any other retailers
Standard Plus Yoga Blanket
Blanket Is 2.6 Pounds Size 79" x 52" Blanket Is 2.5 Pounds Size 77" x 52"
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Diamond Yoga Blanket Studio Classic Yoga Blankets W/O Tassels
Diamond Blanket Standard Yoga Blanket
3.5 Pounds Size 82" x 56" Blanket Is 2.5 Pounds Size 76" x 52"
  Limited Quantities Only
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Heavy Studio Classic Ultra Thick Soft Yoga Blanket
This blanket is exclusive to The Yoga Warehouse and is not available at any other retailers  
deluxe Heavy Yoga Blankets Thick Soft Yoga Blanket
3.2 Pounds   5 Pounds With Tassels
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Heavy Thick Soft Yoga Blanket Thick Soft Yoga Blanket
Heavy Thick And Soft Thick And Soft Small
5 Pounds No Tassels Size 82" x 62" Blanket Is 3.5 Pounds Size 82" x 62"
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Mexican Yoga Blankets

We would love to tell you that Mexican yoga blankets are hand made, but that would be incorrect, you may have seen other yoga sites telling you that their Mexican yoga blankets are hand made or that they carry authentic hand made Mexican yoga blankets, this only shows that they don't know very much about the products they sell, below are two of many machines that produce the standard blanket we use today in our yoga practices.

Mexican Yoga Blanket MachinesMexican Blanket Machine


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Mexican blankets will sometimes be labeled 100% Acrylic, this is only for Importation. Mexican blankets will contain Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton, do to material content , blankets may differ in size and weight.

Yoga blankets from Mexico are made with new materials from the USA, They are the main blankets used in the yoga world today. These blankets are made of Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton.
The Yoga Warehouse has redesigned the standard Falsa blanket found at border towns and on most other yoga sites, the blankets repeating loose pattern has been removed, this was a problem with the blankets when used as a mat or as a wrap, the blanket would sometimes unweave in this area or it would make it easier to put a toe or finger though them
The blanket is now a solid tighter weave.
The Yoga Warehouse took the best from the Thunder Bird blanket with it tight weave and made it better with the Deluxe Solid Yoga blanket, the sixteen small bird patterns have been removed, and the blanket has been widened and made a little thicker and softer.


Note: Mexican blankets are not hand made.

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