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Our round yoga bolsters have an inner cotton pillow stuffed with 100% clean cotton.
The 100% cotton washable outter cover can be easily removed and cleaned. Be sure to also check out our other bolster sizes and styles of Yoga Bolsters to choose the one, to best suit your practice

Studio Rectangular Yoga Bolster Studio Round Yoga Bolsters
Studio Round Yoga Bolster Deluxe Studio Round Yoga Bolster
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Supportive Round Yoga Bolsters Serentiy Round Yoga Bolster
Supportive Round Yoga Bolster Serentiy Round Yoga Bolster
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Small Round Yoga Bolsters Small Supportive Yoga Bolsters
Small Round Yoga Bolster Small Round Supportive Yoga Bolsters
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  Round Yoga Bolster Covers
  Round Yoga Bolster Cover
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