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About Barefoot Yoga

Barefoot Yoga

It was during a long journey through India, the birthplace of yoga, when Kelly LeFebvre realized the necessity of a yoga mat for her practice. Having the ability to lay it down wherever she was at that moment, on a dirt floor, or any patch of well-worn earth and just practice, was a luxury. Putting her face to the ground where people and animals have walked for centuries took her attention away from her yoga practice. Her mat became sacred to her and was all she needed between her body and all that history. Doing yoga in India is as natural as breathing itself.

Walking through the streets, shoulder to shoulder with the masses, with all the senses aroused, Kelly began to feel the ancient practice of yoga ingrained in every aspect of Indian culture, and she knew she was in the right place. She was artistically inspired by the infinite array of patterns and colors she saw in India. From the multicolored jacquard saris drying along the Ganges, the orange cloths of Saddhus, the decorative bindis (third-eye), holy cows, exotic fruits and vegetables, earthy spices, sweet chai, and swollen sacks of Basmati rice, to the intricate swirls and scrolls in the architecture.

Kelly put this inspiration into the design of the original yoga mat bag in 1996, which became essential for carrying all she needed for yoga while in transit throughout India, be it on a bus, train, or bicycle to and from studying yoga in Mysore. Blended with the sea of humanity, she was caught in a wave from the minute she stepped out of the airport into a bustling Indian city, until the day she stepped back into another century as she boarded the plane to leave.

Back home, everything seemed so fast-paced. Kelly found it hard to be prepared enough to conquer daily challenges, and basic life pressures seem to be ever increasing as our perceptions of the world become more complicated. But, yoga had always been an escape from mental chaos and an entry into tangible peace and self-acceptance.

Barefoot Yoga?s products are tools to help achieve more peace and stillness through the practice of yoga when there is restlessness of the mind, intellect and spirit. These tools are only external props that Kelly has personally enjoyed in her own experiences. The true pathway is within yourself.


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